Online purchase of academic user account to Chipster service running at CSC

Here you can purchase an academic single user account for Chipster running at CSC. The account is valid for one year and it is limited for a single user only.

The price of the account is 500 euros per year, excluding applicable value added or any other sales tax, for which you shall be additionally liable.

To make the purchase, please fill in the user information below, read the subscription contract terms and accept the subscription contract on the next page.

We will then send you a confirmation email with the details of you purchase. After you have replied to the confirmation email, we will send you an electronic bill in email, along with your password. The term of payment is 22 days.

Please give the e-mail address offered to you by your institute. The email address will also act as your username when starting Chipster. Information is not used for marketing or given to third parties (please see Chipster privacy notice).

User information

First name:
Last name:
VAT number (required for institutes in the EU):
Billing address
(if different):