Supported chip types

Chipster supports currently the following chip types. The names in brackets indicate the annotation package names, which you need to use (with the ending .db) to define the chip type if bringing normalized data into Chipster. The Affymetrix chips marked with an asterisk have only the CDF and probe packages, which means that annotation based functionality like pathway and promoter analysis is not available for them.

Please note that if your array is not listed, you can still bring the data into Chipster and run normalization, quality control, filtering, statistical analysis and clustering for it. The only exception is Affymetrix data, which requires the CDF and probe packages for the preprocessing to work.

Affymetrix - 3' expression

Affymetrix - Exon arrays

Affymetrix - Gene arrays

Affymetrix - SNP arrays


Illumina SNP arrays


Agilent aCGH arrays

Chipster offers a tool for fetching probe coordinates from the CanGEM database.

Agilent miRNA arrays