Seurat -Find conserved cluster markers and DE genes in two samples


This tool gives you

for a given cluster. "Conditions" are the ones determined in the Setup tool with the Sample or group name parameter. This tool can be used for two sample combined Seurat objects.



As inputs, give the combined Seurat object.

Select the cluster you want to inspect by setting its name in the parameter field. As an example, the parameter is set to cluster "3".

de-list.tsv is a table containing the differentially expressed genes for the chosen cluster, compared to all the other cells in the data, and associated statistics:

conserved_markers.tsv is a table containing a ranked list of conserved markers in the chosen cluster (=genes that show changes in expression in this particular cell type/cluster, regardless of the treatment/sample), and associated statistics:

For more details, please check the Seurat tutorials for multiple sample analysis.