Importing data from CSC's Puhti server to Chipster using Allas

The easiest way to move a file from Puhti to Chipster is to first upload the data as a publicly available object in Allas and then download it from Allas to Chipster. Please follow the steps below and you can also watch a tutorial video.

  1. Log in to Puhti and move to the directory where your data file is.
  2. Open the connection to Allas with commands module load allas and allas-conf.
  3. Upload your file to the public storage area (bucket) of Allas. This can be done with commands a-publish your-file or a-flip your-file. The file uploaded with a-flip will be removed after a few days (if you run the a-flip command again), while the file uploaded with a-publish will be stored permanently in Allas.
  4. Copy the URL provided by a-flip or a-publish command.
  5. Open Chipster and go to your session.
  6. Click on Add file and select the option Download from URL. Paste the URL you copied from the a-flip or a-publish output to the URL field and click Download.
Please note that this approach is recommended only for non-sensitive data that can be put temporarily on the internet.