Promoter analysis / Retrieve promoters


This tools retrieves promoters for the specified list of genes.



This tool retrieves upstream sequences for the specified genes. It needs to access the chip-specific annotations, so if you have not specified the chiptype during normalization of, e.g., Illumina data, it will not work. RefSeq IDs are used for retrieving upstream sequences constructed and annotated by UCSC genome browser staff. The same promoter sequences can be downloaded as a single FastA-formatted file from UCSC Golden Path folder. User can define how long promoter sequences are retrieved:

		Human		Mouse		Rat		Drosophila	Yeast
Short		1000 bp		1000 bp		1000 bp		1000 bp 	500 bp
Medium		2000 bp		2000 bp		2000 bp		2000 bp		1000 bp
Long		5000 bp		5000 bp		5000 bp		5000 bp		2500 bp


A text file containing promoters in FastA-format (suitable for further analyses outside Chipster) is returned.