Display sequence alignment or BLAST report as HTML page


This tool displays a sequence alignment or a BLAST result as colored html page. The input file can be either a Fasta or Clustal (.aln) formatted sequence alignment or a normal text formatted BLAST output file (note that in the case of BLAST reports, results are displayed only for the first query sequence.)

The tool is based on MView software.


User must make sure that parameters Molecule type and Alignment format match the input file.

By default the each sequence is show as one long row in the sequence alignment (Row length: flat), but you can define a row length for pagination if needed.

Other parameters can be used to define, how the multiple sequence alignment is displayed. You can modify the coloring method, color map with parameters coloring style and color map to use.

Note, that if you choose to color the background (Color background: Yes) in stead of the sequence letters, the coloring will be visible only hen you open the resulting html document using option: Open in external web browser


Output is a html file.