Utilities / Import from GEO


Import preprocessed data from GEO directly in Chipster.



Loads the specified dataset from GEO, imports it to Chipster, and creates a blank phenodata. When importing the data, remember to supply the chiptype (e.g., hgu133a), since this can't be filled in using the phenodata editor. For all array platforms except Affymetrix and Illumina, leave the chiptype as 'cDNA'.

Only one array platform can be imported at a time, so in case the specified dataset contains multiple array platforms, the accession number for the desired platform should be filled in the second parameter.

Metadata for samples is also imported to the phenodata table, and also platform annotations (gene symbol and description, chromosome name, start and end base pair positions, cytoband) where possible.


Normalized dataset and a corresponding blank phenodata table.