Utilities / Extract .tar or .tar.gz file


Extract a tar file. The file can be gzip comressed (usually has a file extension .tar.gz or .tgz.)



All files are extracted by default, but you can choose to extract only one or some of the files by giving the names of the files to be extracted as a parameter "Extract by filename" or filename extension as parameter "Extract by extension". If more than one name or extension is specified, separate them with a comma (e.g. abc123_1.fq,abc123_2.fq or .html,.log).

Alternatively you can provide a list of filenames as a text file, one name per line.

To see the contents of a .tar file, you can use use tool "Utilities / List contents of a tar file".

This tool is based on Python tarfile module. In addition to .tar.gz files, it can also extract plain tar files or arhives compressed with bz2. See the Python tarfile documentation for the details about support for other formats.


The files are extracted without any folder structure that the package may contain.