Getting access to Chipster

If you would like to use Chipster to analyze your data, you have three options:
  1. Setting up a Chipster server at your institute. This is free of charge, but you need an IT person to help you and suitable computing resources to run the server. The actual installation is easy, because Chipster is available as a ready-to-use virtual machine image. If you have an IT support person but lack suitable computing resources, you can install and run the Chipster server free of charge in the EGI Federated cloud.

  2. Use our Chipster server at CSC in Finland. This is free of charge for users from Finnish universities (their usage is subsidized by the Ministry of Education), but others need to pay for the computing time. However, free 3-week evaluation accounts are available for everybody. Please see below how you can get a user account. If you would just like to have a quick look and not run any analysis, you can log in with the username guest.
    • Users from Finnish universities
      • Free CSC user account can be obtained using CSC's SUI web service (please see CSC's privacy policy): Click on the purple HAKA link, log in with your HAKA username and password, and fill in the sign up form as shown in the user guide. Users who already have a regular CSC username and password can use those for Chipster.
    • Users from other universities and non-profit organizations
      • Free 3-week evaluation accounts can be obtained by filling in the form (please see Chipster privacy notice).
      • Long-term user accounts can be purchased online by filling in the form (please see Chipster privacy notice). One year personal single user account costs 500 euros. If you would like to buy user accounts for the whole group, department or institute, please contact us for a quote.
    • Corporate users
      • Both personal single user accounts as well as company accounts are available. Please contact us for a quote.

  3. Use Chipster in the EGI Applications on Demand Service. This is free of charge, but you need register for an EGI account (please see the instructions).