Welcome to Chipster

Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data. It contains over 350 analysis tools for next generation sequencing (NGS), microarray, proteomics and sequence data. Users can save and share automatic analysis workflows, and visualize data interactively using a built-in genome browser and many other visualizations.

Chipster's client software uses Java Web Start to install itself automatically, and it connects to computing servers for the actual analysis. Chipster is open source and the server environment is available as a virtual machine image free of charge. If you would like to use Chipster running on CSC's server, you need a user account.

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  • 13.6.2016 Variant analysis, CSC
  • 28.4.2016 Introduction to CSC services and Chipster, University of Helsinki
  • 26.4.2016 RNA-seq data analysis, BTK
  • 16.2.2016 RNA-seq data analysis, Prague (eLearning)
  • 9.2.2016 Variant analysis, University of Helsinki
  • 5.2.2016 RNA-seq data analysis, CSC
  • 13.-15.1.2016 Expression data analysis, DKFZ Heidelberg
  • 1.12.2015 RNA-seq data analysis, University of Helsinki
  • 16.11.2015 RNA-seq data analysis, Cape Town
  • 11.11.2015 NGS data analysis, Bari